TRON ? collapsible disposable potty for children

It solves the problem of physiological needs of children in public places, when the toilet is not available or unhygienic, it can also be used when travelling in public means of transport, in nursery school, during outdoor events or when the child stays in hospital.

Easy to use

when your baby needs it, you just unfold it, use it and fold it back

Practical and functional

it works great when you are at a store, on a trip or journey with your child


manufactured from environmentally friendly materials

tron kettle

Safe and reliable

the potty does not crack, bend, it is reliable and stable. Perfect in difficult situations


special construction and material make the potty easily stand big pressure

Collapsible and compact

thanks to its small dimensions, it will easily fi tinto any purse, and unfolfing it takes just a few seconds

tron kettle

Unusually stable

It can stand a pressure of up to 30 kg!

The structure of TRON potty has been carefully tested by an independent institute. The test results proved that the potty can stand a pressure of up to 30 kg without bending.

    See the Oak test


Handy and portable

Simple and easy to use

The disposable TRON potty is unusually practical. It will easily fit into a purse, coat or trousers pocket. In comparison to the existing solutions, the TRON potty enables it's use without the need of performance of complicated activities during unfolding and folding.
tron kettle
tron kettle

With a very absorbent pad

Effectively absorbs liquids and eliminates odors

The potty is lightweight, small, it has a biodegradable, highly absorbent SAP pad, valued primarily because of its remarkable ability to absorb liquids and odors. As a result, the absorption process takes place at the moment of contact with a liquid or soft substances.
The pad used in the disposable TRON potty is able to absorb 250 ml of liquid within 30 seconds!


Safe and hygienic

Tight after closing

After using, a specially designed closure element enables quick protection of the contents of TRON potty from escaping outside. Thanks to it, a sufficiently high level of hygiene is retained. In order to facilitate handling, TRON potty has been equipped with additional plastic handles, making it easy to move potty like a small baggie and limiting the hand contact with the frame of potty.

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How does the TRON work?

See how easy it is to use the disposable potty.