TRON - caring for the environment

it solves the problem of physiological needs of children in public places, when the toilet is not available or when traveling by public transport

tron kettle

Cleaner production

It minimizes the environmental burden

Water, energy and raw materials are often over-used in production. Close supervision of the manufacturing process and continuous analysis for improvement and savings is reflected in the production of disposable potty TRON. In the production of TRON, the energy consumption at each stage of production and use is extremely limited and the production process is not harmful to the environment or to humans.


It protects the environment

Manufactured from friendly raw materials

In the production of disposable potty TRON, one replaced the non-renewable resources with renewable ones. Raw materials used in the production are of recycled origin. The main element of the potty is made of recycled cardboard. The SAP superabsorbent pad, which is responsible for absorption of liquids and odors is biodegradable.

tron kettle
tron kettle



Produced in respect for the environment. Therefore, for the production of THRONE potty one has used recycled and less harmful materials, and that is why the environmental impact of TRON potty is extremely limited.