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Throne was designed for children aged 1-6 years old.
The folded potty has the following dimensions: 16cm in length, 9 cm of width at the base and about 3 cm of thickness. It easily fits into a purse or pocket.
TRON is a true athlete among the disposable potties. It is designed to withstand pressure of up to 30 kg with no deformation.
The current list of authorized distributors will soon be published in the "Distribution" tab.
In fact, sometimes when a child wants to pee or poop, after unfolding the potty it may change:). TRON can be unfolded and folded several times before use. It is prepared for it.
No, the disposable potty is not leaking. TRON is equipped with a special SAP pad (made of superabsorbent polymer) and a tight, impermeable bottom. The fluid in contact with the liner in a few moments is transformed into granules. After folding and closing, it can be safely moved using a prepared handle, without worrying that something will want to run away from it ...
There are two versions of the product available - for a girl and a boy. These products only differ in graphics.

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